Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Step of Good Dating :)

Tips For Dating ( Girls  Only )
1.(for girls) Before going on a date  make sure that you know  the person better, not just  you know him by his name  but make sure that you  know  many things about him.
2. if you  will go then, make sure that you will have an idea where to go. Do not let him  decide where to go, although most of the time Men will treat girls, but that is not a basis.
3. Before agreeing to the Place  make sure you have an Idea about the Place ( for safety Purposes :p )
4. if your'e there then be sensitive enough to His moves. like (MEN MOVES) i mean like cunning  plan of men , of-coarse wont tell you  yet. Better Follow my Blog  and you  will know
5. Feel Free and Enjoy your Date :)

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